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Why ebillified

ebillified is a comprehensive, secured and compatible billing solution for any Sales Point. This is a web based solution for covering sale bill, inventory, expenses and other reportings.

ebillified speciality -

ebillified is a convenient solution made upon the aspect of your business operations. It offers POS solution which meets the business demands and provides integration of several other aspects of business.

Unique Design

Designed to make it user-friendly, MIS oriented and user specific control and authority.

Different Layout Type

Each unique buisness has its own set of requirement, you can design and define as per your need.

True Responsiveness

Different testing and category and industry, their suggestions makes us give the best in look and feel.

Testing for Perfection

Rapidiously transition enterprise materials whereas mission-critical infrastructures.

Why ebillified

Quick Software Overview

ebillified is a comprehensive, secured and compatible ERP solution for an organization. This is a web based solution for accounting, inventory, sale, purchase and party management.

ebillified Features

Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.

Accounting Solution

This software describes a type of application software that records and processes accounting transactions.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items.

Sale & Purchase Management

Purchase management is a document used for ordering goods. Order is a document used for confirmation of sale.

Product Barcode

Interactively deliver worldwide global sources through front-end technology. Seamlessly visualize.

Reports Management

As the phrase suggests, management reporting systems capture the sorts of data needed by a company's managers to run the business.

Purchase & Stock

The stock purchase is mainly related to the acquisition of stocks of the company wherein the buyer becomes the owner of the company.

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ebillified’s pricing is standardized, transparent and inclusive. Our philosophy of pricing stems from the fact that we want to add value to the entire backoffice of any restaurant and allow them to use all the core modules to make their restaurant efficient. We have followed a pricing that can allow us to democratize restaurant software, making it affordable for everyone – from small food trucks all the way to 100 outlet chains.

20% OFF

Basic Package

  • 100 Inventory Item
  • 500 Invoice/Month
  • No Staff Management
  • No Expenses Management
250/- Per User / Monthly
2500/- Per User / Annually
30% OFF

Standard Package

  • 300 Inventory Item
  • 1500 Invoice/Month
  • Yes Staff Management
  • Yes Expenses Management
350/- Per User / Monthly
3500/- Per User / Yearly
40% OFF

Premium Package

  • Unlimited Inventory Item
  • Unlimited Invoice/Month
  • Yes Staff Management
  • Yes Expenses Management
500/- Per User / Monthly
5000/- Per User / Yearly
50% OFF

Multi User/License Package

  • 2 User/Location
  • 3-5 User/Location
  • 5-10 User/Location
10% Discount in plan change/rate
20% Discount in plan change/rate 30% Discount in plan change/rate

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